On Your Side: Internet Security

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March 16, 2007

It seems there are more and more stories of people hacking into some company's computer and stealing people's information.

The scary thing is, the next time it happens, you could be one of the victims.

12 On Your Side talked with a computer expert today about how you can keep that from happening to you.

The internet used to be a place for amateur hackers to fool around in. Now it's a place professional scam artists use to try and steal your money.

Computer expert Patrick Gray says there are some things you can do to protect yourself.

Gray is a security strategist for Cisco Systems. He spoke at Augusta State today to students, faculty and others about how vulnerable your information can be online.

He says companies need to be vigilant in making sure your personal information is secure in their computers.

But he says you need to be just as vigilant in finding out how they'll be protecting that information and what steps they take to keep it safe.

"I like to have people create a human firewall," Gray said. "It's that individual working in the business and people doing business with that business. If they understand what they can or cannot do, they're better off for it."

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