James Brown's body interred

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March 10, 2007

BEECH ISLAND, S.C.---It's been 75 days since the Godfather of Soul died on Christmas Day. Tonight, he is finally laid to rest.

James Brown's body was placed in a crypt at his daughter's Beech Island home.

The private ceremony was attended by close family and friends, including Rev. Al Sharpton and Brown's partner Tomi Rae Brown.

The hardest working man in show business is finally at rest.

"I'm just glad for the fact he is resting and that this saga is finally over," said Darren Lumar, James Brown's son-in-law and husband to Yamma Brown Lumar.

For months after James Brown's death, his body was kept at C.A. Reid's funeral home while his estate's trustees, six adult children, and longtime partner Tomi Rae Brown battled in an Aiken courtroom for control of his estate.

In the end, it was his children that made the decision of when and where to bury their father.

"His children decided that they were not going to wait on the courts," Rev. Sharpton said. "He left a lot. They're fighting. People fight over that in court. They wanted their father entombed with dignity."

Mr. Brown was entombed at his daughter Deanna's Beech Island home.

The private ceremony was guarded with strict security, as 50 close family members and friends gathered for the service, including Tomi Rae Brown and the couple's son.

"It was a beautiful service," Tomi Rae said. "James would have been really happy and proud that all of the family was together. And it was just beautiful."

James Brown, Jr. left with his mother shortly after the service was over. His brothers and sisters spent the afternoon together with their father at a place they say they want him to stay.

"As far as the children are concerned, this is his final resting place," Darren Lumar said. "This is it, and he's resting comfortably."

A spokesperson for Rev. Sharpton says this is not the final resting place for the Godfather, but that he will be placed in a public mausoleum once it's constructed.

Expenses for today's ceremony were paid by Brown's six adult children.

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