Local Update - March 12, 2007

Woman dies in Burke County accident

The GBI is investigating a fatal accident in Burke County.

It happened on Hancock Landing Road yesterday morning around 10 o'clock. A woman's vehicle flipped several times.

Dispatchers tell News 12 her vehicle was the only one involved in the accident.

No word yet on the woman's identity or the cause of that accident.

James Brown's body interred

The Godfather of Soul has finally been laid to rest.

For months his body has been kept at C.A. Reid's funeral home, but Saturday, James Brown's body was placed in a crypt at his daughter's Beech Island home.

The private ceremony was guarded with strict security.

Only about 50 close family members and friends attended, including Rev. Al Sharpton.

Brown's trustees, his six adult children, and longtime partner Tomi Rae Brown battled in an Aiken courtroom for control of his estate, but in the end, it was his children who made the decision of when and where to bury their father.

A spokesperson tells News 12 that Brown will be placed in a public mausoleum once it's constructed.

Brown's six children paid the expenses for the ceremony.

Burke County school board allegedly delays reporting rape

The Burke County school board could be in some hot water if a 16-year-old's story checks out with the sheriff's office.

A teen says she was raped in a boys' bathroom after school back in September.

Now, the board is accused of failing to report the alleged rape right away, instead waiting five months after it happened.

The girl's parents say they notified the school in November, but the sheriff's office wasn't notified until February.

School superintendent Linda Bailey says she instructs all employees to report crimes to the authorities, but that no rape was reported to Burke County High School in November.

The DA will look at the case this week.

Surveillance video shows possible meeting site of murder victim, suspect

Richmond County investigators know where murder victim Corey Joseph was before his death.

Surveillance video shows Joseph at the BP gas station on Dean's Bridge Road on Wednesday night (March 7). Police believe that's where he encountered the shooter.

Joseph was found dead on North Kensington Drive ten minutes later, just two miles down the road. He had been shot in the head and was sitting in the driver's seat of his car.

"We have a very good time frame," Sgt. Richard Roundtree said. "We have a very short area to work with, so we know that the person responsible is somewhere between this geographical area."

Deputies handed out dozens of flyers with information about the murder of the 21-year-old in the area of the BP station.

The suspect could still be in the area.

Police are looking for two men. Both are black males between 16 and 18 years of age and between 5'3" and 5'8".

One has braids in his hair; the other, a short afro.

If you have any information, call the sheriff's office at 706-821-1020.

Augusta firefighter test review

The Augusta firefighter test will go under review today. Commissioner Marion Williams says it might be too difficult.

A committee will hear from an equal employment opportunity officer who has studied it.

Last month, Williams told us he'd received five complaints from people who failed that test.

He says some questions may be unfair and that it should be used to measure someone's ability to learn, not what they already know.

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