Man plows SUV through Augusta Mall

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March 9, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---It's a story that has the whole town talking. Everyone's asking the question: how can you drive a big SUV around inside Augusta Mall?

Mall surveillance pictures show the story of Stephen Lowe's wild ride.

Just before 10:45 Tuesday night (March 6), the mall was closed and a custodian was working.

Police say 47-year old Stephen Lowe was behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi that suddenly crashed through the American Cafe entrance on the second floor.

The SUV zoomed down the length of the mall and rammed through the west entrance by the food court.

Then the fun really started as Lowe got out of the SUV and tried to walk off.

Deputy Michael Trapp was hit twice in the face as he tried to apprehend Lowe. Lowe's blows damaged the deputy's glasses.

That brings out the pepper spray and baton, until finally Lowe was cuffed and complaining about the spray in his eyes.

After EMS checked him out, he was carted off to jail.

Lowe, who lives on Sadie Drive, is charged with driving under the influence, damaging mall property, and fighting with the officer. That's a felony.

The report described him as angry, drunk and violent.

The damaged areas of the mall are boarded up today.

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