Dumb and Dangerous Driving - March 8, 2007

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A confusing intersection is causing problems. People can't seem to figure out which way they're supposed to turn.

It's happening at the point where Wrightsboro Road splits and R.A. Dent begins. There's a stop sign on the Wrightsboro part of the fork where people can turn right onto R.A. Dent or left onto the rest of Wrightsboro.

But in some cases, people from the right lane are trying to go left....and that means trouble.

We saw a school bus veer to the right of the stop sign and then make a left turn, right before picking up children.

Shannon Campbell drives her eight-year-old to school, and she has to deal with this every day.

"My child is irreplaceable...so to me it's very important to be safe, and it just drives me nuts," she said.

Shannon isn't the only who's been in this situation, trying to make a left turn at the same as a driver from the right lane.

"Very crazy, very crazy," said Regina Pettiford. "They don't have no consideration of other people driving."

A patch of grass with the stop sign splits the road. If there's a car in the right lane, that means they're going right. And if a car pulls up in the left lane, that means they're going left. But people in the right lane keep cutting over.

It's also a problem for oncoming traffic on R.A. Dent. We saw a close call when a driver went left from the right lane.

All of this is scary for Willie Bush, who crosses this street to get home.

"Every day, every day, same old story. Every day it's awful," he said.

"I just want people to be patient, wait in line, and turn like they're supposed to," Shannon said.

In this lane, you're either going right, or you're going wrong.

We brought this problem to the attention of the city traffic engineering department. They tell us they're going to take a look at the area tomorrow.

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