Red Cross helps Thomson residents recover from storms

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March 5, 2007

THOMSON, Ga.---In all, 20 people were killed by 31 tornadoes that struck the Midwest and the Southeast last week.

In our area, hundreds of people have been displaced by the storms.

The Augusta Red Cross reopened its service center in Thomson today. Volunteers are making sure help goes to the people who need it most.

"I just thank the Lord," said Wanda Moore. "Me and my kids, we just laid on the floor, and I had seven glass windows in the back and they were just shattering. And when they were shattering, we were laying there praying and crying asking the Lord to help us."

Wanda and her family, like so many people, were victims of one of the tornadoes that ripped through Thursday night. She is grateful the Red Cross is stepping in to help.

"The Red Cross has been very good with trying to help situate everything."

"We've been providing financial assistance to those families hat have been affected," said Augusta Red Cross executive director Kathleen Kosmoski. "We are trying to meet their immediate emergency needs of providing food, clothing, making sure they have shelter, meeting any medical needs, if they've lost prescriptions, eyeglasses, contacts..."

So far the Red Cross has handed out more than 18-thousand dollars worth of direct financial assistance to storm victims.

This is money that came from you. And as the clean up in the county continues, one thing is for certain. There will be another disaster, sometime in the future.

That's why your donations are important.

"The best thing people can do is to support the Red Cross through financial donations, that we can continue to provide relief to those victims that have been affected in McDuffie County as well as those throughout the rest of Georgia," Kosmoski said.

As of this afternoon, 130 people have been helped by the Red Cross.

If you are interested in helping, you can make contributions to the American Red Cross.

Mark them for Disaster Relief Fund and send to 1322 Ellis Street, Augusta, GA 30901.

You can also call 706-724-8481 to make a donation by credit card.

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