Zeke comes home

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March 4, 2007

EVANS, Ga.---After 31 days on the run, Will Brown is in jail and his son, 14-month-old Ezekiel "Zeke" Brown, is back in his mother's arms.

Authorities say Will Brown abducted Zeke from his Evans daycare last month, then fled to Mexico.

Zeke's mother Lois says this past month has been like a bad movie for her and her family...but now their tragedy has a happy ending.

"I never lost hope," she said.

"When he was gone I really missed him a lot, so when he's back it starts a whole new day," said Zeke's big brother, Harper.

"It was the longest 31 days of my life," Lois said.

38-year-old Will Brown picked Zeke up from daycare last month and never returned. Days later his car was found in Texas, and his ATM transactions led US marshals to Mexico City.

Four weeks after Zeke was taken, his mother and grandmother flew to Mexico to bring him home.

"Oh God," grandmother Brenda Lokey said. "It was like a lot of people around, but it was just us. He kept going to me then momma and held his little arms out and his eyes were so blue and he was like Momma where have you been?"

"It was the best feeling in the world," Lois said. "There's a certain feeling a mother gets when she has a baby and I had that feeling for the third time."

As baby Zeke settles back into life at home, his loved ones say they will never forget what it took to get him here.

"I'm just so thankful for all the prayers," Brenda said. "Everyone, all the neighbors have been so kind. And that's what it takes to find a baby...we didn't give up and you just can't give up."

The family wants to thank the US marshals, in particular Tom Smith, for Zeke's safe return.

Will Brown is being held at the Columbia County Detention Center. No bond has been set.

Lois Brown says she does want Will Brown to face time for what he did, and she also plans to get a restraining order against him.

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