Floods cause Grovetown road cave-in

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March 2, 2007

GROVETOWN, Ga.---Thursday (March 1)'s storms also hit Grovetown. There, people weren't dealing with damage to their homes, but to their roads.

Officials say the massive rain caused Pauline Street to cave in last night.

For the 16 people who live there, there's only one way in and one way out.

But that road was gone on Friday after officials say a six-foot tall washout came through by storm, causing the unpaved road to cave in.

"There was no way you could've pulled a car across it," said neighbor Lee Ann. "The only thing holding up the ground was the water line."

The cave-in forced many to stay home from work and school.

"My boss was going through the same thing himself, so he understood," Lee Ann said.

Columbia County construction director Scott Herring says the storm created a blockage in the pipes underneath the roadway, which caused the road to eventually give.

But the neighbors say at first glance Friday morning, it was hard to tell there was anything wrong with the road, and if logs weren't blocking the way for drivers to roll through, someone could've been hurt.

"I had no idea it'd be nothing like this," said neighbor Steve Bailey. "In one day, never seen this much water out here."

County officials say it's the first time this has happened out there.

Even though the county says they're not responsible for maintaining the road, they fixed it today because it posed a safety concern for emergency vehicles.

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