Storm devastation seen from above

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March 2, 2007

The destruction from the storms on March 1 looks bad from the ground, but from the sky, you really get a sense of the extent of the damage.

News 12 rode along with Richmond County's Air-Med to get aerial footage of all the destruction.

It truly was heartbreaking. The areas this storm hit were hit hard.

From a bird's eye view, the storm damage looked spotty, but when we zoomed in, we saw that entire tree lines are leveled...and those that didn't fall on the ground fell on top of houses.

One brand-new home off GA 150 was destroyed after one night of whipping winds.

We saw another home with its roof ripped off and personal belongings scattered everywhere.

We also saw scraps of white metal belonging to an industrial building near the McDuffie water tower. Shredded insulation was all that was left.

And just a few hundred yards away, we spotted a tractor trailer flipped on its side.

Thanks to Air-Med for providing us with the opportunity to bring you the aerial footage.

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