New Daylight Saving Time causes headaches

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February 26, 2007

The new Daylight Saving Time change is rapidly approaching.

The new date is three weeks earlier than in previous years. The government is making the change to hopefully save energy.

But as News 12 discovered, it's taking a lot of energy to change time.

The times are a changin'. Come March 11 at 2 a.m., office computer experts everywhere could all be sharing the same headache.

Unlike Y2K, this change came up on us a little quicker. Congress passed the law in 2005. So we didn't have as much time to update our systems--meaning none of the systems built before 2005 will update by themselves.

"None of the software that was written was written to accommodate this change, so all of the systems are going to be affected," News 12 Chief Engineer Ed Elser said.

That means places like hospitals, factories and government agencies will have to keep on top of the early change.

Corporate offices either have their own IT professionals to deal with the change or will have to contract the work out. But what about your system at home?

All you have to do if you have a Microsoft-based computer is go to and click on Daylight Saving Time and then Update. The site will take you through the update process. After you select Home Users, a couple of "nexts" and you are ready for the time change come March 11th at 2AM!

Many people use cell phones and Blackberries to schedule events. What about these devices?

"They first need to check that their phone is set to automatic updates," Kyu Han, manager of T-Mobile on Washington Road, told News 12. "If their phone is set to manual, the change or time change, it will not automatically update."

Han says phones come out of the box set for automatic updates. So unless you've set it to manual yourself, it will change for you when the time comes.

For you TiVo users, an update was sent to your system a month ago.

Again, the time change is 2 a.m. on March 11th. We'll also fall back to standard time later this year, on November 4.

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