Evans man wanted for abducting son may be in Mexico

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February 21, 2007

The FBI is still looking for an Evans man wanted for abducting his baby son.

One-year-old Ezekiel Brown was last seen with his father, 38-year-old William Brown on January 31. Three weeks have passed.

But there has been a major breakthrough in the case. News 12 has learned Mr. Brown's car was recently found near San Antonio, Texas, which furthers a mother's nightmare her son may be out of the country.

"He's on my mind 24/7," Ezekiel's mother, Lois Brown, told News 12. "I played with him. I changed him, I sang to him, I fed him, I did everything with him."

Lois hasn't seen her baby's big blue eyes in over three weeks.

"I never thought this would happen. Never."

Lois' husband, 38-year-old William Brown, is accused of kidnapping their one-year-old son Zeke. A judge had ordered Brown's visits with the toddler be supervised while the couple settled their divorce.

It is now 22 days later, and there had no signs of them...until now.

The car Mr. Brown was driving was found near San Antonio, Texas. That evidence lends weight to the theory he may have gone to Mexico, where recent ATM transactions in his name have also been traced.

"If he knew he were going to get caught, I feel like he's liable to take Zeke somewhere so I would never find him," Lois said.

Zeke's sudden disappearance has been especially hard on his six-year-old brother.

"Everyday I get to play with him... except today," Harper said, writing a letter to his brother. "Dear Zeke, I miss you very much."

"I just want him now. I want him yesterday. I just want him back, I miss him so much," Lois said.

Since her son's abduction, Lois has set up a website called bringzekehome.com. She is asking for your help. There's also a discussion forum at the site, if you want to send your thoughts and prayers along to her.

Of course, if you have any information, you're asked to call authorities.

Every year hundreds of thousands or children are reported missing.

Here's a reminder for parents in Columbia County.

Columbia County investigators are providing parents with free record books that allow them to update their child's information as they grow.

The book gives parents a handy picture for quick identification and their child's fingerprint.

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