On Your Side: Phishing the BBB

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February 21, 2007

A well-known non-profit organization you rely on to avoid getting scammed is actually the victim of the very thing it tries to protect you from.

The Better Business Bureau says you might want to be wary of any emails you get bearing its name. The bureau says there is a "spoofing scam" going on falsely involving its name.

It appears a firm in Kennesaw Georgia had its computers hacked recently. Now there are thousands of messages coming from that system claiming to be a bureau complaint report.

Trouble is, they're not.

The emails look official, even including a complaint number and some general description of what the complaints are.

That's not all that bad, but the links at the bottom of the page are.

If you click on the link, you'll likely download a nasty computer virus.

If you get this email, do not click on the "documents for case" links unless you want your computer to stop working correctly.

The emails will come from "operations@bbb.org". That email address is made up and does not exist.

The Better Business Bureau advises you to just delete the email, and that should save you from any problems.

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