Sanford stops in Aiken to push reforms for small business

February 21, 2007

Governor Mark Sanford was in Aiken today. He is calling for reforms aimed at improving South Carolina's climate for small businesses.

The governor is pushing for three things: lower income taxes, reforming workers' comp, and removing barriers for small businesses looking to provide more affordable health insurance for their employees.

"If you're in government or you're in a big business, you may not have a problem with insurance, but if you're in a small business or if you're independently employed, you have a problem," Sanford said. "And a big part of the problem is the way that small business people are treated when it comes to health insurance versus how folks working in government or a big business are."

Governor Sanford is pushing for his plan to pass this year.

He made stops at small businesses in Aiken and Charleston today.

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