Local Update - February 21, 2007

2-car accident on I-20

There has been an accident on I-20 eastbound near mile marker 26 in Aiken County.

We're told there are injuries, but we don't know how bad they are.

We do know it involves two vehicles and they are both overturned.

Manhunt underway in Richmond County

Richmond County deputies are on a manhunt. They say 28-year-old Maurice Lashaun Roscoe shot and killed a man.

Now he's on the run.

Deputies say it all started at the Jennings Homes housing project. Roscoe got into a screaming match with another man, and that man took off in a car with his girlfriend and his brother.

Deputies believe Roscoe followed them and fired several shots into their car, hitting the brother in the head.

This happened at the intersection of Olive Road and MLK Jr. Boulevard.

Pierce McClattie died at MCG.

Deputies say Roscoe faces a number of charges, including murder.

If you know where he is, please call the sheriff's office right away at (706) 821-1020 during the day or (706) 821-1080 in the evening.

Judge rules special administrator needed for Brown estate

Yesterday, a judge in Aiken County ordered a special administrator to oversee James Brown's estate trustees from here on out.

That administrator hasn't been appointed yet.

Brown's children had wanted the three trustees now in place to be removed. Judge Jack Early says they'll stay exactly where they are...but the special administrator is now in charge.

Brown could be buried soon

Attorneys for Tomi Rae Brown say they've reached an agreement on where Mr. Brown will be laid to rest.

Her attorney says the resting place is being kept confidential at the request of Brown's children.

The burial could take place in the next few days.

Aiken County smoking ban to begin June 1

The Aiken County Council has passed a ban on smoking in public places in the unincorporated parts of Aiken County.

Originally the ban would have started April 1, but last night the council moved that back to June.

Here's what some people had to say about the ban.

"I was against it, because I think it's taking away freedom from the average person," said Jet Beckum. "I think we are getting into something we can't enforce, and it's going be expensive. I just don't think it's necessary."

"I feel it's a wonderful thing, if people will just act on it," said Lynna Rushton.

This ban will not affect North Augusta or Aiken. If they want to ban smoking in their city limits, the cities would need to pass their own law.