Aiken's most wanted fugitive captured in New York

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February 18, 2007

41-year-old Joseph Hankerson was arrested in his New York home Friday morning (February 16) and charged with murder.

He's been on the run since 1994, after police say he shot and killed Christopher Pollin.

The victim's mother talked only with 12 about what the arrest means for her.

Diane Pollin's pain is still fresh, nearly 13 years after her son was murdered.

"It's because something is missing, and I know it's because my son is missing," she said.

Christopher Pollin's body was found October 6, 1994, in a graveyard behind his grandmother's Aiken home.

"I went up to the hospital and asked if I could see the John Doe," Diane told News 12. "When I walked in I seen his feet and I didn't have to see anymore."

Christopher had been shot twice in the back of the head.

"They told me he was dead, and they had him on a machine pumping his body up and down, and it was confusing, because you would think life was in him, but it wasn't."

Authorities say he was shot and killed over drug money.

De Shon Pollin was only an infant when his father was killed, but now has grown up and into a version of him.

"He's just been my heart. He looks so much like his father," Diane said.

De Shon's entire childhood would pass before both his father's killers would be behind bars.

"It's hard for De Shon because he has questions, and he never got to know his father."

But he will know what justice is...and now Diane says her son can finally rest in peace.

"It feels good knowing they caught him and justice will be served," she said.

Hankerson is in a New York jail. He is scheduled for an extradition hearing on February 23.

His cousin, Joseph Morrison III, was convicted of Pollin's murder in 2003.

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