Hundreds come from near and far to say goodbye to Norwood

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February 16, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Many of Congressman Charlie Norwood's friends and colleagues from Washington made the trip to Georgia to be a part of today's memorial service.

Well over 1000 people, both locally and nationally known, flew into Augusta today to say a final farewell to a beloved man.

They're not from Augusta, but they've gotten a sense of what it meant to their former colleague and friend, Charlie Norwood.

"Charlie Norwood was a wonderful citizen, a great example, a true leader for this I'm glad we're here today to celebrate his life," said Augusta mayor Deke Copenhaver.

For more than 80 of our nation's lawmakers, that celebration began after greeting the Norwood family. Their arrival was by motorcade, led from the Norwood home by Richmond County deputies.

First to enter the church was wife Gloria and two adult sons.

Congressmen were then escorted in by dignitary police, a long line that seemed almost endless.

"The people that live in his district and in the state of Georgia, they loved Charlie," said Norwood's longtime friend David Barbee. "Right now he's changed into a legend, but bless his heart, he knew what to do at the right time for the people of the state of Georgia."

Today's service did get a late start due to a delayed flight from Andrews Air Force Base out of Washington, DC. It was an hour-long flight for all those politicians.

Not everybody at this service was Republican. Charlie Norwood struck chords and found common ground with Democrats on several issues.

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