Judge lets Tomi Rae into estate, will deliberate matter of trustees

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February 9, 2007

AIKEN, S.C.---It's a continuation of a legal battle between James Brown's children and the men named as trustees in his will.

Today, an Aiken County judge made a decision on some things and not on others in a court hearing about the petitions filed against James Brown's estate.

News 12's Meredith Taylor was at the Aiken County Courthouse all day.

There were several big things dealt with in the courtroom today with James Brown's six adult children, his trustees, and his alleged widow Tomi Rae.

She left smiling, but some things were undecided.

Brown's children said they requested documents about Brown's assets that had not been provided by the trustees.

Tomi Rae had not been to Brown's Beech Island estate since his death, but today the judge ruled that she could return there to retrieve her belongings.

But who will manage the estate? The judge ordered that all belongings be returned while he decides what to do about the trustees. He said he expects to make that decision by next week.

He may rule to keep them all on board, he may rule to keep them on board with a special administrator, or he may rule to appoint a neutral party to oversee the estate.

There has been some tension between Tomi Rae Brown and Brown's adult children. Today we saw them coming together and hugging. One of James Brown's sons told News 12 that there were no hard feelings, and he called Tomi Rae a "beautiful person".

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