Richmond County BOE approves superintendent job advertisement

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February 8, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---The search is on for Richmond County's next school superintendent, a position previously held by Dr. Charles Larke.

Deputy Superintendent James Thompson has been filling in, but now, they're taking steps to advertise the job nationwide.

Board members are banking on a brochure they approved tonight. They're hoping it attracts lots of qualified candidates.

"The future of the community lies with the education system, and we need somebody to move us forward," said board member Marion Barnes.

The new job advertisement lists 12 requirements qualified candidates must meet.

Among them are successful experience as a superintendent and experience with budgets and public relations.

It also says a doctorate degree is preferred, but not mandatory.

"I think the wording, everything, what information is being relayed...I think it's fine," said board member Helen Minchew.

Now that the rough draft has been approved, the brochure will be distributed nationwide.

Limuer Myers is a grandfather of two students in the system.

"We need someone who's going to be completely honest and fair throughout the board," he said.

Like many other taxpayers, Myers has not forgotten the recent rumblings on the board.

Former superintendent and current consultant Dr. Charles Larke's ten year ride ended in controversy over his contract and advance payment practices.

Myers doesn't want to hear anything like that again.

"I can't believe he stayed here as long as he did without doing some good," Myers said. "So we got to stop the talk shows from running this school system."

The system is aiming to attract what Barnes calls "new blood", most likely from outside the district.

"Hopefully someone with some different and new ideas," Barnes said.

Richmond County has washed its hands of having to find candidates. That is now the job of the Georgia School Boards Association.

The application deadline is March 30.

There's no annual salary listed in the brochure. That will be discussed in detail with the final candidates.

Before retirement and with benefits, Dr. Larke was making $278,000.

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