Bouncer shot at Augusta nightclub

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February 8, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Paul Dicks was critically injured after being shot in the parking lot of Club Dreams late last night.

The club's off Washington Road, next to the America's Best Value Inn.

The people we talked to say Club Dreams is not a dangerous place to be.

But last night, a bouncer was shot in the parking lot, surprising some of them.

Three, maybe four times a week, Zo hangs out a club dreams.

"Pretty good party atmosphere," he told News 12.

Last night, he was on the way there.

"My friend Hileen called me, and he was like, 'There was a shooting at the club.'"

Investigators say Dreams was crowded until 27-year-old Paul Dicks came inside from the parking lot at about 11:30.

"He was clutching his chest, advising he'd been shot multiple times in the parking lot," said Sgt. Richard Roundtree of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

The bouncer told police three or four young black men tried to take his jewelry, and then one of them started shooting.

"This is a real shocking incident, something like that happening," Zo said.

Kim Johnson, the housekeeping manager at the motel next door, had the same reaction. She's been working there for seven years.

Last night, she says, she never heard a thing.

"It was a big surprise that it happened, because I stay on the property, and it's always so quiet around it's a big surprise," she said.

"We've had a lot of break-ins of cars and vehicles, but this is the first violent act we've had in that area," Sgt. Roundtree said.

"I'll walk through, go to the Raceway (gas station) at night," Johnson said. "Usually it's just pretty calm."

Now investigators are talking to those who might know something that could prevent someone from getting hurt again.

"It's a chilling atmosphere, you know what I'm saying?" Zo said. "I've been going for a year now, there really be no problems like that."

Investigators tell us Paul Dicks is expected to make a full recovery.

Right now, they don't have any suspects.

Edit: Originally the title of this story indicated that Club Dreams was in south Augusta. This is not correct and has been changed. Our stories on air did not include this fallacious information.

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