Sixth grader dies after complaining of headache

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February 2, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---There are still lots of questions following the death of a Langford Middle School student.

12-year-old Cyan Scoggins of Augusta died yesterday morning, but no one knows how.

For the last two days, grief counselors have been stationed at her school, speaking to students, teachers and parents. They're there to reach out to anybody who may be having a difficult time with this loss.

Cyan, a sixth grader, was pronounced dead Thursday morning. She had complained of a headache after playing basketball the day before.

"We feel very responsible in a way to help link the community to resources whenever something like this happens," said Dr. Carol Rountree, the director of guidance for Richmond County schools.

After learning Cyan had been placed on life support, she immediately dispatched a grief team to address the emotional health of those who knew her.

Among the team members, are two additional psychologists and two counselors. Rountree says they're here not just for students, but for the staff and the community as a whole.

She says students especially can be sensitive.

"That population is very tuned into their peers," she said. "We're always concerned with the fact that that is a child who has interacted with other children at the school."

The coroner says it's likely she died of natural causes, though unexpectedly. We won't know for sure until her autopsy.

A mystery death for a girl who, judging by her picture, perhaps liked the color pink, sometimes wore her hair up, and smiled big.

Cyan is not the only student Richmond County has lost recently. Dr. Rountree says there were three other deaths since last fall.

Two were fourth graders, the other, an eighth grader.

We're told all were asthma-related.

As for Cyan's cause of death, we won't know anything until her autopsy on Sunday.

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