Friends remember Charles DeVaney

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February 2, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---It is an emotional day for many in Augusta.

Funeral services for former mayor Charles DeVaney were held today at First Baptist Church.

"He was a friend, and so I'm glad to be here to support them today and honor his memory," said Mayor Deke Copenhaver.

"He was a real, real go-getter type person," said Mike Whitmire. "He was just out there to do everything he could for these people."

The fire chief, the sheriff, and the people who worked closely with him at the Burn Foundation all came out to remember him.

Dorothy James of Augusta was inspired by DeVaney.

"He was very distinguished, did a lot for the city and I just admired him," she said.

Inside, the speakers' words painted the picture of a life of service:

"Charles DeVaney was a truly remarkable gift to gift to all who met him."

"We must include among survivors the entire city of Augusta."

"Charles' friends in England spoke of him with huge affection and respect."

The death of Charles DeVaney brought together people he met throughout his lifetime.

Some friends, like Godalming, England Deputy Mayor Peter Martin, came from far away to recall the former mayor's words.

"When I think of Charles, I think of loyalty and dedication," Martin said.

"He was a role model to me as far as the way I conducted myself as mayor," Mayor Copenhaver said.

Following the funeral, DeVaney was buried in Sunset Hill Cemetery in North Augusta.

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