Dumb and Dangerous Driving - January 25, 2007

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Some drivers are treating gas station parking lots like short cuts. But zipping through to avoid a red light puts people in harm's way.

News 12's Stephanie Baker caught it on camera at the 15th Street Circle K.

It's a place where you should be able to get gas safely. But staying safe isn't easy when drivers from 15th Street treat the parking lot like a road.

We watched as a white Cadillac pulled in, drove right past a row of people filling up, and pulled back out. All to avoid the light at Laney Walker.

"It's against the law. There must be a reason for that," said pedestrian Marlon Casey.

Marlon says driving like that turns the walk from the pump to the store into a danger zone--all for the sake of a short cut.

You're not supposed to do it, because if you're cutting through and a pedestrian suddenly walks right in front of you, you could hit them.

We saw an SUV cutting through right past two women. If one of the women had moved over just a little as the driver came toward them, there could have been an accident.

It's the kind of close call Denzel Bell has witnessed before.

"I think it's dangerous because a car could be trying to cut through here, and they might not look or have a crash or something," he said.

"You could hit somebody," said pedestrian Santrines Hall. "Somebody might get hurt."

Santrines wants drivers to be a little more careful, because if they don't stay on the street where they belong, people like Marlon will have to dodge traffic with every trip to the pump.

Driving like that is more than dangerous...it's against the law. We saw lots of deputies circling this block. They're watching...so don't pull in unless you plan to stop.

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