On Your Side: Grocery Wars

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January 24, 2007

When it comes to buying groceries, most people go to the store that's closest to them or the one they think has the best deals.

But do you really know who's charging the most for your milk and bread, or where the best prices are for produce?

12 On Your Side reporter Jeff Anderson did the homework and has a few answers on this fight called the grocery wars.

A lot of people buy groceries without actually thinking about whether or not they're getting the biggest bang for their buck.

You might assume all the stores are priced pretty much the same, but that's not entirely true.

For many folks, going to the grocery store is a challenge. You've got to decide on the best potatoes and the freshest head of lettuce.

And then there's the price.

Is this a good deal or isn't it?

Should I wait until it goes on sale?

Can I get it cheaper somewhere else?

Chances are, you can.

12 On Your Side went shopping for 15 common items at five Georgia supermarkets.

We looked for things you might use in your home to feed your family: bread, milk, ground beef and eggs. And we didn't forget the ice cream.

Our goal? To find the best prices for you.

Let's look at a few highs and lows.

First stop: Publix. You're getting a good deal on bread there at $0.97, but you're paying a lot more on the pound of sliced Virginia ham. That's in at more than $7.

Kroger offers you a big saving on ice cream. You can get a half gallon there for $0.99, but a 5-pound bag of rice is a little high at $2.19.

Moving to Bi-Lo, a whole chicken is only $0.99 a pound, but that gallon of OJ is almost $4.50.

Then there's Wal-Mart. The canned corn will only cost you $0.44 cents, while a gallon of milk is more than $3.

Lastly, Food Lion. A bag of romaine lettuce is just under $3, but a pound of ground beef is way up--almost $4 a pound.

So, who's the cheapest? Wal-Mart, by more than $2. Next up is Kroger, followed by Bi-Lo, then Publix, and coming in last is Food Lion, which trailed the leader by more than $7.

All we did for this report was pick out the cheapest of the items we decided on, be it the store brand or another one.

It's something you could do any day of the week.

Those were Georgia stores. Tomorrow we'll tell you which stores are the cheapest on the South Carolina side of the border.

Grocery Wars
Food Lion-$37.59