Nagle chosen as new Columbia County school superintendent

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January 23, 2007

EVANS, Ga.---For the first time in eight years, Columbia County has named a new school superintendent. After a six month national search, they ended up choosing one of their own.

Associate superintendent Charles Nagle will replace Superintendent Tommy Price in July, when Price retires.

Nagle's been a teacher, an assistant principal, a principal, and an administrator. Now he's at the top of the class.

He says he's prepared for the biggest test of his career.

"I'm very enthused about this," he told News 12. "This is a great moment for myself and for my family."

School board members say it is a great moment for them as well.

All five of them, along with ten people from the school system and the community, spent six months searching for Tommy Price's replacement.

"We had a group of people who worked extremely well together. I think everybody was of the same mindset of what Columbia County needed at this point in time and what we were looking for at this point in time," said board member Wayne Bridges.

"What I'm really happy about is the process that we went through," said school board chairman Regina Buccafusco. "We had a community board, and we looked through all the applications, and we really hashed through all of their applications."

In the end they picked a man who was sitting right in front of them.

Nagle spent the past 8 years working under Tommy Price.

"It's bittersweet," Nagle said. "I've gained from the experiences I've had with him. He's been a great teacher and a great mentor."

Nagle will continue to work alongside his mentor for a while longer. Then he says he is ready to jump right in.

"My vision is to continue studying the growth, continue working with the school administrators," Nagle said. "I want to be in the schools. I want to know what they're doing. I want to be a part of that."

Next, Mr. Nagle will meet with the school board attorney to come up with a contract. If all goes well, he will take over for Mr. Price in July.

Columbia County's school system has more than 21,000 students. There are 28 schools, and half of them are elementary schools. Columbia County spends a little more than $6000 per student per year.

Today's announcement wraps up a six-month search for a new superintendent.

We still have one local school system without a permanent superintendent.

Richmond County has had an interim superintendent since Dr. Charles Larke agreed to retire. The Richmond County BOE is conducting their own nationwide search.