Investigators arrest man suspected of exposing self to girls

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January 20, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Investigators say they've arrested the man they believe has been exposing himself to young girls in Augusta. It's a case they've worked to solve since October.

CrimeTeam 12's Lynnsey Gardner spoke with one victim and her family.

A simple walk to school terrified young girls in the Cherry Tree Crossing neighborhood for months after a man in a black Ford Taurus exposed himself to teenage girls time and time again.

One 14-year-old victim, who we'll call Tasha, didn't want us to show her face. She says the man has harassed her since October.

"Every time I seen him I be scared. I be thinking he probably try to rape me or something," she said.

Tasha says she was at her bus stop when she first spotted the man.

"He stopped and let down the window and started showing us...uh, he exposed us," she said.
"He jumped out of the car and ran and tried to catch me, but I ran back and told my mamma."

Her mother called police...but with little to go on, the man in the car remained a mystery, following Tasha and exposing himself two more times.

"It's disgusting. Why would you want to do that to somebody little?"

And Tasha wasn't the only teenager the man was exposing himself to. His latest victim was a 15-year-old girl walking to school on Lee Beard Drive.

It's a sickness. It's a bad sickness, that they've got to come out here and harass kids to get their kicks off," said that victim's cousin, Lavonya Brown.

And Tasha was tired of the next time she spotted him, she fought back with her mind.

Once Tasha got a look at his license plate, she told investigators, and that's what they say broke the case wide open.

"His tag number was AKD 4877," Tasha told News 12.

She says the numbers are etched in her mind forever.

And her mother Sherritta is glad the man is facing charges for what he's done to Tasha.

"When I heard they caught him, I was happy, and I was satisfied that they finally did something about it," Lavonya said. "I think he really would have gone on and done bad things to young girls. All he needed was that one chance to grab one child."

For now, he won't have that chance...because the man is in jail, which is exactly where Tasha says she wants him to stay.

"I hope they will keep him in jail a long time so maybe he will learn his lesson," she said.

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office has yet to release the man's name or which charges he may face.