Dumb and Dangerous Driving - January 18, 2007

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Today's wet weather caused all sorts of problems for drivers, from delays to accidents.

News 12's Stephanie Baker caught today's crashes on camera and talked to deputies about why rainy roads are such a hazard in this week's Dumb and Dangerous Driving.

Deputies say the crash count doubles on days like this...but add in a little early morning wintry mix and we actually had more than double. We found even though conditions were dangerous, people were still up to the same dangerous driving.

One rainy day crash backed up traffic and sent a driver to the hospital. Deputies say a car pulled into the center suicide lane out-of-turn...and a van didn't have time to stop.

Doug Greist saw the whole thing: "I was just looking out the window and saw the van go...whoop!"

Deputies say rainy day wrecks happen because wet roads put a barrier between your tires and the road.

"When they don't slow down cause of wet conditions, it increases the number of wrecks," said Deputy David Sward.

Despite the weather, we saw lots of drivers breaking the rules: speeding at 71 in a 55, following too closely, even running red lights.

Deputies warn more wrecks--like a fender-bender we saw on Washington Road and a t-bone on Belair--could be avoided if people would just slow down.

We're on your side with a friendly reminder from deputies: drive slowly, keep a good distance between you and the driver ahead of you, and don't brake suddenly. Remember, stopping takes longer with water on the road.

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