James Brown's will filed in Aiken County

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January 18, 2007

James Brown's will was filed in court today in Aiken County.

His wife, Tomi Rae, and son James Brown, Jr., are nowhere to be found in the document--but it was dated before they were married.

Tomi Rae married Mr. Brown in 2001, and this will was dated August 1, 2000.

In the will, Mr. Brown declares he has six living children and names each one of them: Deanna, Yamma, Vanisha, Daryl, Larry and Terry.

The will also goes on to say Mr. Brown leaves all his personal and household effects of every kind to his surviving children in equal shares, right down to furniture, clothing, furnishings, boats, automobiles and even books.

One part of the paperwork filed with the will asks, "Did decedent have any change of marital status or the birth or adoption of any children after execution of this will, if one exists, or has any child of the decedent been born since his death, or is any birth of a child of the decedent anticipated? (This includes illegitimate children.)"

Trustees Alfred Bradley, Albert Dallas, and David Cannon checked no to this question.

That means they are stating that it's their opinion Mr. Brown and Tomi Rae were not legally married and James Brown, Jr. is not in fact his son.