Child locked in day care van for two hours

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January 16, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---An Augusta day care left a five-year-old girl locked in a day care van, forgotten there for more than two hours.

Adriana Bergamy fell asleep in the van from school to Girls Inc. of the CSRA on Watkins Street.

All the kids except her got out of the van.

Two hours and 25 minutes passed. The other children were playing, doing homework, and even eating dinner.

No one noticed Adriana was missing.

"I was crying and I was scared," Adriana told News 12.

"It's a bad neighborhood with everything that has been going on lately," said Adriana's mother Antrease. "Anything could have happened to my child."

Adriana fell asleep on her ride home from school around 3:30 in the afternoon.

Her mother says it wasn't until another parent came sometime after 6 o'clock that Adriana was found crying in the van.

"What if it wasn't a parent who seen her trying to get out?" Antrease asked. "What if it was some stranger?"

Antrease says she has been haunted by other questions what if it had been June or July and not January?

"She would have baked to death basically," Antrease said.

Antrease says the Girls Inc. executive director admitted she was Adriana's driver that day.

"I don't care who you is, what color you is," Antrease said. "My child was left in the van and something should be done about it. If any other person, any other employee, or any other parent had left a child in a van or car, something would have been done right then and there."

Antrease says the executive director apologized for the incident, calling it an honest mistake. She says the Girls Inc. board also contacted her to apologize and said there are new procedures in place.

"They're taking precautions now to make sure no other child gets left in the van," Antrease said. "I feel that precautions should have already been in place for them to check the van."

When asked Adriana if she wanted to go back to Girls Inc., she said she didn't, "Because they might leave me in the van again."

Girls Inc. executive director Kimberly Blanchard told News 12 the Girls Inc. board had handled the situation and she had no further comment.

Antrease said that while she is happy Adriana is okay, she has filed a police report and is talking with an attorney.

She says she wants to make sure this never happens to another child, because the situation could have been a lot worse.