South Augusta woman shot in the face

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January 12, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---A young woman is at MCG after she was shot in the face this afternoon on Shelby Drive. That's near Lumpkin Road in south Augusta.

Investigators say Linessa Merriweather was sitting on the front steps of her home with her boyfriend Otis Stewart she was shot over her right eye.

Stewart has been arrested in the shooting. He is charged with aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during commission of a crime, and making false statements.

It was originally thought that someone seen driving away from the scene was the shooter.

Investigators have recovered a firearm they believe was used in the shooting.

Laura Walker and her husband Wayne were both home when it happened. She helped Linessa while he called 9-1-1.

"I heard the shot, and then I heard her screaming," Laura said. "She'd been shot."

"Our kids usually stay in the front yard, and we usually stay out on the front porch. We're usually out here at this time," Wayne said. "The Lord was looking out for us."

Now neighbors are looking out for each other even more.

"I was hoping she was going to be alright," Laura said. "She's a sweet woman. I can't imagine anyone doing this to her."

"It's scary," Wayne said. "Something happens right across the street, in broad daylight...makes you worried. You can't build a fortress around your house."

Neighbors say Ms. Merriweather was caring for several other children, including her young son, when the shooting happened.

Those children were all inside at the time.

Ms. Merriweather was conscious when she was taken the hospital, but there was no immediate word on her condition.