Homegrown film festival draws crowds

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January 10, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---It's show time at the Imperial.

The Southern Fried Flicks film festival is back in Augusta for a third year.

Filmmakers from all over the South are here to showcase their work.

This film festival is really making a name for itself in Augusta.

It started three years ago with just 16 films, most of them local. This year, 89 films from all over the South will be shown on the big screen at the Imperial...everything from comedy to animations to horror.

Where in Augusta can you see dozens of films of all types in one place, and at a decent price?

Well, at least this week, the Imperial Theater is the spot.

"Each evening is packed with a variety of films, from animation to shorts to feature length to documentary," said Imperial Theater director Lara Plocha.

"This brings a little extra flavor to the town, and I think it's good for local filmmakers who haven't had the place to show their stuff around here," said independent filmmaker Brandon Mullis.

Mullis lives in Augusta and has entered a comedic short film called Random Thrizzle. It was filmed in Augusta and is about a series of immature pranks taking place on the streets of downtown and in a classroom at Augusta State University.

"I definitely think I'll stand out and people will remember my piece," he said.

The 5-day fest brings people from all over.

Independent filmmakers Ryan and Jacqui Baker are from Boston, Massachusetts. They're entering a Southern-based musical film...starring zombies.

"We're hoping for laugher," Jacqui Baker said. "It is funny and it's meant to be funny."

Whether they get that laughter or not, they and all of the filmmakers are certainly getting exposure.

"We're showcasing their dreams," Plocha said. "This is a filmmaker's dream realized on the big screen."

The festival continues through Sunday. Tickets are available for individual shows, or you can get an all-week pass.

Keep in mind this is also a competition. Winners will be chosen from each of the categories. They will receive a rooster sculpture hand-made in North Carolina and a cash prize.

For more information about the film festival, click here.