Local Update - January 9, 2007

Another armed robbery

Richmond County saw yet another armed robbery this morning.

It happened around 8:50 at the S&S Food Store at 2657 Barton Chapel Road.

Seafood restaurant catches fire

Early morning flames broke out at a seafood restaurant on the 2500 block of Peach Orchard Road.

Johnny's Fish Market caught fire about 3:45 this morning.

Nobody was hurt, but fire investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire.

Lawmakers return to work

South Carolina lawmakers return to work for the new year today with big topics on the agenda. Education and healthcare top the list of priorities.

Gov. Mark Sanford will have his inauguration Wednesday. He wants to restructure state government and raise the state's cigarette tax, but the House speaker says the General Assembly will focus on education and the state's economy.

And today, Georgia lawmakers will meet for day two of the 2007 legislative session.

In the Senate, Democrats J.B. Powell and Ed Tarver are returning for another term, but in the House there are four new representatives from Augusta.

Issues at hand in the 40-day session are immigration, voter ID, and a law to prevent Georgia motorists from using cell phones while driving.

Our local representatives are focusing on bus monitors, public safety, and the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame.

Federal judge approves Norfolk Southern Graniteville settlement

Those affected by Graniteville's train wreck could soon see a check.

A federal judge approved Norfolk Southern's settlement to people who live in Graniteville--mill workers and first responders who were hurt.

The amount of the settlements range from ten thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The accident killed nine people and injured more than 250 two years ago.

Deputy expected to recover after hitting deer

Columbia County Deputy Thad Brown is in an induced coma, but he's expected to recover.

The sheriff's office says Deputy Brown was responding to a call late Saturday when he hit a deer and lost control, causing the car to flip over.

He was airlifted to MCG.

Three armed robberies, three different groups?

Investigators are hoping surveillance video will help them round up suspects from a string of robberies in Augusta.

There were three robberies on Sunday alone, at 1713 Walton Way, 2822 Peach Orchard, and 2382 Barton Village. Those were a Family Dollar and two convenience stores.

Deputies don't believe there's any connection, which means separate suspects are likely on the loose in each recent case.

No one was hurt in these robberies.

I-20 pacing causing headaches

This week, you'll want to map out your route to work in the morning to avoid a headache on I-20.

The DOT is pacing westbound traffic while they tear down the Walton Way Extension overpass.

The pacing starts at Exit 1 in South Carolina.

You also can't get on the interstate going west at River Watch Parkway or Washington Road.

The pacing goes from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day this week.