Brown's daughter won't weigh in on marriage issue

January 4, 2005

Last night Tomi Rae Brown appeared on CNN's Larry King Live to defend her relationship with James Brown. Tonight, Brown's daughter was joined by Rev. Al Sharpton on the same program.

Deanna Brown Thomas talked about her dad's last public appearance on a cold wet day in downtown Augusta, battling pneumonia, giving toys away to needy kids.

She refused to join the public debate over James Brown's relationship with Tomi Rae.

"My dad was a very private man," Deanna said. "And I did not discuss his personal relationship. And he did not discuss his personal relationship with me. So whatever went down between my dad and Tomi Rae is between my dad and Tomi Rae."

Deanna also talked about the strict way her father raised his kids, away from the public spotlight. She said they were always expected to carry themselves with class.