Dumb and Dangerous Driving - January 4, 2007

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When you're in a hurry on the road, it can be tempting just to pass drivers who are slowing you down. But beware: passing on the right is more than against the rules. It can put you on a collision course with other drivers.

We caught it happening at Highway 118 and Trolley Line Road in this week's Dumb and Dangerous Driving.

Graniteville driver Richard Hall sees it all the time.

"People go around on the right, and you're not supposed to pass the car on the right," he said.

You're supposed to wait your turn...but that's a lesson one silver SUV seemed to miss as the driver pulled out from behind a brown car and headed across, out of turn.

"I'm one of the guys that--I get a little upset when I see this stuff," said driver Paul Wyett, Jr.

Paul worries about crashing thanks to driving like this.

If you whip around someone turning left and plow into the intersection, you risk crashing head-on into another car in the intersection. That's because when you're behind someone, you can't see everything that's going on. It just takes one mistake to land you in an accident.

"It gets pretty hard," said truck driver Greg Woodruff. "You have to realize it takes time for trucks to stop. We can't stop on a dime."

Stopping for a passer is tough for him because of the weight of his truck. But let's not forget reaction time. It takes us a few seconds to process and react to things on the road...but this happens much quicker than that. That's why driving like this has Richard fearing the worst.

"You could have a head-on collision," he said.

To keep Richard's concerns from becoming reality, deputies will write you a ticket if they catch you.

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