Neighbors shocked at meth lab bust

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January 3, 2007

EVANS, Ga.---What would you think if right next door to your home, a mother was operating a meth lab?

37-year-old Jamie Brosious was arrested last night after officers say they found a meth lab inside her Pond View home near Greenbrier schools.

Many of her neighbors are families with children, and that's what bothers them most--the thought of Brosious endangering their kids.

"Never thought anything like this would happen," a woman said.

"You expect this to happen in a motel room or in a $15,000 house like you say... not here," said one man.

From the outside, Jamie Brosious' home in one of Evans' most elite neighborhoods looks near perfect. But investigators traced an inactive meth lab to the home after Scott Fernandez and Cheree Granade were pulled over in a truck carrying two trash bags filled with waste ingredients.

Narcotics agents say the two had just left the Brosious home.

"It don't choose its victims. It pretty much can strike anybody," an undercover narcotics agent told News 12.

Anybody, he says--black, white, rich or poor.

Brosious was a stranger to her neighbors. They say they never saw her, never spoke with her and they thought this was odd because she, like them, was a parent...and a lot of them had children the same age.

"She pretty much just kept to herself," said Cathleen Selby, who lives two houses down.

"I have three teenagers and I work very hard to keep them on track, and just the thought that this activity was going on in our neighborhood is alarming," she said.

It was so alarming, Cathleen called a family meeting to educate her kids.

"Especially when I don't know anything about meth or any of the drugs out there," said son Ian.

They talked about drug use and health, and how lucky they are.

It was a conversation neither Cathleen nor any other neighbor ever thought would stem from their own street.

"Very shocked," one neighbor said. "I just cannot believe that could happen in this neighborhood."

A company contracted with the drug enforcement administration has since cleaned up the home. The sheriff's office assures us it is not dangerous nor is it a hazard to anyone's health.

We're told the property will most likely not be seized.