Local Update - January 2, 2007

Augusta store clerk shot in armed robbery

An Augusta store clerk shot in the abdomen Monday night is said to be in stable condition.

Richmond County deputies are still searching for the three men who are suspected of robbing the store.

The Richmond Hill Road Market was robbed about 11 o'clock last night.

That's on Richmond Hill and Deans Bridge roads.

Deputies say the robbers were masked and armed with guns.

They say the men went in and demanded money from one clerk, then shot the other clerk when they walked out from a storage unit.

The injured clerk was shot in the abdomen and leg, then had to have surgery.

The suspects fled near the Highpointe Crossing apartment complex.

7-year-old recovering after hit and run

A seven-year-old is still recovering this morning after a hit and run accident.

It happened behind Macedonia Baptist Church on Jordan Road around 12:30 Monday morning.

Tomeka Johnson says her son Donald was walking back to their car parked across the street when she called for him.

The driver of a minivan ran over his leg after the child slipped on the wet road and fell.

"He opened the door, yelled something," Johnson said. "I was holding him he closed the door and kept going....He didn't stop--nothing--to see if he was dead or alive."

Richmond County deputies are still looking for the driver of the silver Dodge Caravan.

A dozen drunk driving arrests New Year's Eve

Deputies cracked down on drunk driving this New Year's Eve, arresting about a dozen across Richmond, Columbia, and Aiken counties

News 12 rode along with Richmond County H.E.A.T. patrols. H.E.A.T. is a traffic enforcement program from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety dedicated to catching violators like this.

They're on the lookout for weaving, slurred speech, the smell of alcohol, and anything else that indicates a person shouldn't be on the road.

About 1200 people in Richmond County went to jail for drinking and driving in 2006.

The worst areas are in west Augusta and the Broad Street area.

Fort Gordon honors President Ford

Fort Gordon will honor the late President Gerald Ford today. The ceremonial platoon is firing 21 rounds at noon and 50 rounds at 5 o'clock.

A funeral will be held for President Ford today at the National Cathedral in Washington. Then tomorrow he'll be buried in his childhood hometown in Michigan.

New Year brings new laws

The New Year is bringing in a few new laws for the two-state area.

The list for Georgia includes new child support laws which now count both parents' incomes. Also on the list are more screenings for newborns and mandatory driver's ed. for 16-year-olds.

In South Carolina, all schools now have to have a bullying policy, and auto insurance minimums are going up.