Store clerk shot by armed robbers

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January 2, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---A convenience store clerk is in stable condition after a late-night shooting, and two armed robbers are still on the loose.

It happened around 11, just before closing time, at Richmond Hill Market. That's at 512 Richmond Hill West, near Deans Bridge Road.

Investigators say the robbery was in progress when the victim walked in. That's when they shot him twice and disappeared into High Point Crossing apartments next door.

That has people living there pretty worried.

"It won't be safe for [my son] to even play out here if stuff like that going on in the area," said resident Cristina Fontenot.

Investigators say the armed robbers burst in, fired several warning shots, and demanded money from the female clerk working the register. As they were cleaning her out, the second clerk walked in from a back office, possibly because he heard the shots.

That's when the gunfire turned to him--twice.

Deputies say immediately after the shooting, the suspects ran away from the convenience store and ended up in the nearby apartments.

"This is the worst case scenario we have at the sheriff's office when it comes to armed robbery. Cases we try to avoid," said Sgt. Richard Roundtree.

Sgt. Roundtree says out of the recent spike in holiday armed robberies, this is the only one where someone actually got hurt. That doesn't surprise one frequent Richmond Hill Market shopper we spoke with.

"It's a terrible thing, but the surrounding, the people here...that's what this is all about," Harry Embray said.

Harry says it's a rough neighborhood. And now, with two armed men on the loose, Cristina agrees.

"It's not safe for me and my I hope they do find him," she said. "I hope they do."

Investigators haven't found them yet, but they could be getting close to releasing descriptions. There is surveillance video that caught the whole thing.

Investigators say the victim may have a chance to survive thanks to a customer who apparently gave him emergency resuscitation.

The people we talked to today all told us how much they enjoy visiting him and his store.

The names of the customers and victims, as well as the surveillance video, have not yet been released.