Gloverville nine-year-old shot in the back by another child

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December 31, 2006

GLOVERVILLE, S.C.---A nine-year-old Gloverville boy is in intensive care tonight after being shot by another child...but who shot Jamie Jones is still under investigation.

It appears a number of children were playing with rifles without adult supervision.

Nine-year-old Jamie Jones is clinging to life after being shot in the back.

"My little boy come running in and shouting, 'Momma, Momma, he's been shot! He's been shot!" said parent Corey Satcher.

"He was trying to walk, trying to pull hisself up, but he couldn't," said parent Jamie Gregory.

Jamie Jones was one of eight kids playing outside a Wayland Street home.

"At the time this occurred, there were four adults in the home, and none of us were aware there was a gun outside," Gregory said.

But investigators say it wasn't just one rifle, but three--two from inside the home and the other taken from up the street.

Two of the children tested positive for gun residue on their hands.

"Until the tests are run and done, we will not know who actually shot and what bullet came from what gun," Gregory said.

"It was just a freak accident that we can't change now," Satcher said.

But neighbors say this isn't the first time the children have been playing with guns unsupervised.

"Just a couple weeks ago, they'd been shooting shotguns in the backyard," one man said.

Satcher says her eight-year-old son used his rifle to shoot squirrels...but not anymore.

"I just give all my prayers and hopes to the Lord that that boy comes out and is okay," she said. "Never again will a gun be in my house or in my child's possession, or any other child that's around me."

Jamie's father tells News 12 his son is in critical condition tonight at MCG.

Doctors are not sure if he'll be able to walk. They have removed his spleen and part of his pancreas.

Investigators hope to know more by Tuesday.