Thomson woman celebrates 125th birthday

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December 24, 2006

THOMSON, Ga.---Most of us look forward to Christmas Eve all year...but the celebration doesn't end there for one Thomson woman.

Today Alberta Davis is celebrating her 125th birthday, and six generations of her family came together to celebrate her historic day.

It's not every day we see a birthday cake with a number like this, but Alberta just received the paperwork to prove that she is in fact turning 125.

"We just been looking at it and I just can't believe she's really this age, but that's what the papers say. She was right all these many years," said one family member.

Imagine what she's seen in those years.

"If she had a good mind like she used to she could tell you about everything," said Alberta's daughter, 80-year-old Irene Thomas.

When she was born in 1881 there were only 40 states. She's lived through three different centuries, 7 American wars and 24 presidents--but could only legally vote for seven of them. She was alive when the Titanic sank and lived to see the movie more than 80 years later.

"My momma, I can remember she was working for a nickel a week, working chopping cotton," Irene said. "I'm just glad the Lord held her and is still holding on to her. I pray each and every night, please don't take her from me right now."

"We just thank God that she's still around," a family member said.

She developed Alzheimer's at the age of 104, but she's still a feisty lady.

To celebrate, six generations traveled to her home in Thomson, including her great great great granddaughter.

Alberta lived more than a century on her own, sometimes without electricity or medicine...but one thing she never lived without is a love for her family. And that love is a gift they're now giving back.

Based on the paperwork from the Social Security office, it is possible that Alberta may be the oldest living person in America.

If the title is made official, we will let you know.