Local Update - December 20, 2006

CITGO on Mike Padgett robbed

Deputies are searching for the person who robbed the DLS CITGO gas station.

It happened around 11:30 Tuesday night in the 3700 block of Mike Padgett Highway.

The robber made off with an undisclosed amount of money.

No one was hurt.

Santa out on bond

A simple "sorry" to a judge gets a look-alike Santa out of jail on bond after taking off with a little girl.

John Michael Barton of Batesburg-Leesville was released from jail Tuesday.

He's charged with kidnapping Tripp and Venus Morris' 8-year-old daughter in his motorcycle from a gas station off I-20 in Columbia Saturday.

Her father chased Barton down at 80 mile per hour speeds to get his daughter back.

Later Lexington County deputies found Barton in a bar.

"I did something very wrong," Barton told News 12 yesterday. "But I did not abduct a child, not knowingly."

"It's not just kids I give rides to," he went on. "Adults, black, white, yellow, it doesn't matter. Tall, short---it makes people smile."

The local story made news across the country and in papers in the United Kingdom and even Russia.

Columbia County looking for two sex offenders

Columbia county deputies want to know where two sex offenders are.

Carlos Deangelo Overton is wanted for violating the sex offender law. His last known address was 5034 Hardy McManus Road in Evans, but he may be in the Augusta area. Overton was convicted of statutory rape this year in Richmond County.

Jeffrey Jennings is also still wanted. He was convicted of statutory rape back in 1994 in Columbia County. His last known address was 468 White Road in Harlem.

He told officers Wednesday he'd turn himself in, but never did.

Jennings may be in the Grovetown area.

Man wanted for armed robbery

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office wants your help. They're looking for Ashton Robertson, who's wanted for armed robbery.

Deputies say he pistol whipped Justin Cheatham on December 13. Robertson then stole Cheatham's 2006 Chevrolet Caprice.

The Caprice has been recovered, but Robertson is still on the run.

If you know where he is, call your local police.

Armed and dangerous felon wanted in North Augusta

In North Augusta, Travis Turner is on the CSRA's Most Wanted list.

Turner is a convicted felon wanted for having a gun, domestic violence, and selling crack cocaine.

He was last seen in a white Chevy pickup.

Officers say he is armed and dangerous.

Call North Augusta Public Safety if you have any information.

Funeral services for Marine killed in Iraq

A Marine will be remembered today.

A funeral will be held for 25-year-old Cpl. Matthew Dillon today at noon.

The service will be at Millbrook Baptist Church in Aiken.

Cpl. Dillon died in a roadside bomb attack in Iraq on December 11.

Final Commission meeting of 2006 goes smoothly

Augusta commissioners met for the last time of the year yesterday.

Mayor Deke Copenhaver prepped for the day sending a letter to them to be nice.

Jerry Brigham wanted the group to elect Marion Williams mayor pro tem so he would not be eligible for the post next year.

Williams was elected as pro tem in 2005, but was never elected this year because of abstentions.

But the issue was not taken up, meaning Williams can run again in 2007.

As for the travel budget, Joe Bowles took it off the agenda and decided to just meet with them on the issue.

The mayor says his memo led to a more productive meeting.

"I think people treated each other with dignity and respect today, and I think it's a good thing to continually give subtle reminders that we need to do that in our meetings," he said.

You can read that whole memo from the mayor to commissioners asking them to be nice by clicking here.