On Your Side: Car Repair Beware

December 18, 2006

Having a wreck is never good news.

There may be medical bills, you've got to deal with the insurance company...and then there's the body shop.

12 On Your Side went to work for one woman who's done everything in her power to get her car back.

"It's a 2003 Chevrolet Impala," she told us. "Tan color. Tinted windows. Nice car. I only had it 8 months."

But then she had a wreck, in December of 2005.

One year ago.

"He promised he would have it ready by Christmas of last year," Agnes said.

Randy Henderson of Randall's Paint and Body on Tobacco Road currently has Agnes' car. Agnes paid him $5,000 up front from the insurance adjuster.

"I called him every other day," she said. "Each week and each week he promised he'd have it ready by the next week and the next week."

Months went by...and when June rolled around, Agnes decided she'd had enough.

She filed papers in magistrate court.

"I took him to small claims court, sued him. He didn't show up for court or anything. I tried to get in touch with him and he never returned any of my calls."

Three months later, in September, finally Agnes gets some good news.

The court ordered Randall's Paint and Body to release the car, fully repaired, by October 10. That would have been ten months after her wreck.

But that didn't happen.

"He said, 'I got a few more things to do, it'll be ready by Friday,'" Agnes said. "And that's Friday of last week. And I haven't heard from him since then."

Which brings us full circle all the way to December 2006, with her car still somewhere behind the fence at the body shop.

And Agnes has nothing to show for it but the pictures she took of her wreck...and the car payments and insurance payments she's been making every month on a car she can't even drive.

Randall's Paint and Body has had the car longer than Agnes.

She owned it for eight months before the accident, and it's been in the shop for a year.

We tried to reach Randy Henderson again this afternoon to ask him about this unusual delay.

We'll let you know if he decides to comment on the case.