Longtime friends killed in Beech Island house fire

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December 18, 2006

A house fire killed two in Aiken County this morning. The fire started just before 5:30 this morning.

Yolanda Heath and Dennis Curry were killed...and tonight, their families are just left with memories.

It happened at 539 Pepper Branch Road in Beech Island.

The former high school sweethearts died in the mobile home together, right before the holidays.

Family members tell us the news that is so terrible they had to see it to believe it.

"I was at work and I didn't believe it...so I had to come see it for myself," Dennis' brother Freddie Martin told News 12.

"I love my brother and I miss him," said Dennis' other brother, Demetrius Martin. "We were just together Monday and I ain't got no words...I can't put it into perspective yet."

Demetrius says Dennis was less than a mile from home on CC Camp Road, visiting his high school sweetheart and longtime friend Yolanda Heath.

"She was a well-loved person and real caring, and tried to do all she could for everyone," said Yolanda's cousin, Charles Wright.

"He's going to be missed, and he was well-loved...Yolanda also," said Dennis' sister, Wilhemina Martin.

Firefighters found Yolanda on the floor, and Dennis, who was disabled and couldn't walk, on the couch. They died together in what used to be her living room, a week before the families will celebrate Christmas.

"I'm hanging in there as best I can, doing the best I can with a situation like this," Charles said.

"I'm sad," Demetrius said. "I'm sad."

Firefighters and family spent the entire morning at the scene. Some family came in all the way from Atlanta.

Firefighters still don't know exactly what caused the flames. They do know it started somewhere in the living room. The family thinks it may have had something to do with the Christmas tree.