Dumb and Dangerous Driving - December 14, 2006

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Bad driving becomes more common during the holidays, leading to hundreds of deaths in Georgia and South Carolina every December.

News 12's Stephanie Baker shows us how law enforcement plans to crack down in this week's Dumb and Dangerous Driving.

Hundreds of thousands of people drive Georgia and South Carolina roads every day during the holidays, and more people means more chances of speeding, drinking and driving, and crashes. And that means more patrols.

The law is watching. And if you break it, the doubled patrols double the chance you will get caught.

We accompanied South Carolina State Patrol Lance Corporal Clinton to see how traffic was doing.

One car was clocked at 91 in a 70.

Troopers say high speeds kill hundreds across Georgia and South Carolina every year. And with holiday road trips and parties, December is one of the most dangerous months for drivers like Bill Spearman.

"If you don't run over the speed limit, people run over you," Bill said. "You're darned if you do, darned if you don't."

Especially with drivers on the road like the one we saw going 97 in a 70.

But Lance Corporal Clinton says they're looking out for more than speeders. They're also watching for people following too closely, not using their signals, driving distracted, and of course, driving under the influence.

Those are all things that have killed 2000 people on the roads this year across Georgia and South Carolina...and they also led to tens of thousands of crashes.

"We'd like to end the year on a good note with a reduction in fatalities for the month of December. So we're out with zero tolerance," Lance Corporal Clinton said.

Busting bad driving, like another driver we saw flying at almost 15 over, to protect people like Janie Flowers.

"They want to come around you, they want to cut you off...folks need to slow down," she said.

The highest speed we saw was an incredible 27 miles over the speed limit.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol is doubling their enforcement from December 23 through January 1. Georgia's Operation Zero Tolerance also goes through January 1.