Doublegate murder victim, suspect were acquaintances

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December 13, 2006

Tips from the community led investigators to a murder suspect.

They believe 21-year old Seth Rouzan shot and killed Augusta city worker Jeffrey Labord early Tuesday.

It's very upsetting for everyone who knows Labord. They're still in shock from the news.

And it's also very scary for neighbors, who just found out a murder suspect lives nearby.

They were neighbors for more than a decade, but Mary Toleveret just got the news that 39-year-old Jeffrey Labord doesn't live on Artemus Street anymore.

"He didn't deserve what was done to him," she said. "It is a shame, I be scared here."

Mary is scared because her health problems keep her at home. And investigators say the murder suspect, who lives on nearby McElmurray Drive, is a frequent visitor to her street. They say Rouzan and Labord were acquaintances and spent time here several times before the shooting.

"It shocked me," said neighbor James Tennant. "I didn't want to believe it when the police come in."

James mowed Labord's front yard for years and finds the way the shooting happened even more shocking.

Investigators say the victim gave the suspect a ride to an area that's almost empty, and where neither man knows anybody. Then, around 3 o'clock, in the darkest part of the cul-de-sac with almost no street lights, shots were fired.

Two hours later, the body was found by a newspaper carrier on the morning route.

Investigators don't know for sure why the men went to Doublegate Court. But they do know Labord's house was burglarized after the shooting, and his car turned up near Rouzan's house a little after that.

The stolen items also turned up at Rouzan's house.

Investigators say the burglary is behind the shooting that killed a 19-year Augusta city worker and neighbor.

"Jeff was nice," James said. "He was nice and quiet as can be."

"Stuff like this upsets me very much," said Mary. "You can't trust nobody. Everyone dirty, lowdown."

The shooting brings mixed emotions for Mary--now she's sad about the loss of life and scared for her own.

Seth Rouzan was arrested yesterday evening and is charged with murder, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, and burglary. The investigation is still ongoing.