Georgia to debate allowing Sunday alcohol sales

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December 12, 2006

Sunday beer and wine sales will be a hot topic next month when Georgia lawmakers go back into session.

Grocery and convenience stores are in favor of Sunday sales, while liquor stores say it will hurt and not help their business.

On Sundays at Kelly's Mini Mart, Alka Patel strings the cooler doors shut.

"Sometimes they go by mistake or forget," she said. "You just have to tell them no."

People who live in Georgia can't buy beer or wine on Sundays.

That could change if lawmakers vote to allow Sunday sales in grocery stores and convenience stores.

Right now, stores sell most of their alcohol on Fridays or Saturdays.

"We sell some extra on Saturdays," Patel said. "A lot of people buy for two days."

But liquor stores like Harban's Wine and Spirits are normally closed on Sundays, and they will miss the profits.

"That will definitely dwindle down if we just have convenience stores allowed to sell," said a worker at Harban's we'll call Tommy.

Many liquor stores fear their business will be forced somewhere else...especially on Sunday game days.

"If a guy wants to buy on Saturday, he may say, 'Forget it, I will go to the convenience store on Sunday'," Tommy said. "So we will lose the sales and it's not fair to us."

Restaurants are allowed to sell beer on Sundays because they have a certain percentage of gross sales in food.