On Your Side: Armed Robberies

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December 8, 2006

Shopping trips are turning dangerous this holiday season.

Armed robberies are on the rise, with the most recent last night at a Deans Bridge liquor store.

CrimeTeam 12's Stephanie Baker is on your side with what to do if you find yourself at gunpoint.

Almost ten people handed over cash to an armed robber this week, and even more people witnessed it.

Investigators say the way you react will either save your life or end it.

The best thing to do give the bad guys what they want. That's exactly what Danny Mistry did when a man with a gun stormed his hotel Tuesday.

"He like, 'Give me the money, give me the money'," Danny recalled.

Others in the Deans Bridge area have similar stories.

The most recent was a stickup at Super Wine and Spirits, where investigators believe a man with a handgun demanded cash while two others kept customers under control with a shotgun.

Like most of the recent robberies, the people there did comply.

Investigators say the only time you should not comply is if the armed robber tries to take you off the property.

"We encourage people to fight, scream, do whatever they can," said Lt. Scott Peebles. "Because secondary crime scenes usually become homicide scenes."

Lt. Peebles says if you do manage to get away, be on the lookout for partners in crime.

But he says in most cases, the gunmen just want the quick cash.

It's a split second decision: give up your stuff...or give up your life.

Last night's robbers were able to get cash from the register, according to the report. All the recent robberies are under investigation.

The sheriff's department says right now, armed robberies are up nationwide.