Only on 12: Investigators release video of July gas station shootout

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December 6, 2006

For the first time, investigators have released a video that shows the inner workings of a shootout last July at the Shell gas station on Tobacco Road.

That's where an 18-year old female was shot in the back.

It's all caught on tape, from the first gun shot to the last round fired.

And that's video police want you to see.

In the video, dozens of men and women are roaming the parking lot, bouncing from car to car, grouping off and huddling up.

It's a scene that spells trouble, says Lt. Scott Peebles.

"I would say that that is a problem. And it certainly was gang-related based on admissions that the suspects themselves made."

For a case that has since been closed, this video was visual proof of what gradually escalated into a shootout between two Augusta gangs.

"We were able to get a sense of what happened, who was where, when it was happening," Lt. Peebles said.

Seven arrests stemmed from this video--among them, members of the OWTT, or O-Dubs, and Sunset gangs.

In fact, Jamal Robinson is still behind bars, believed to have shot and injured an 18-year-old girl.

What concerns Lt. Peebles are the high-caliber weapons gang members are getting a hold of.

It's hard to see in the video, but the men in the white Chevy had two semi-automatic rifles.

"There were at least two assault rifles and multiple handguns used in this incident that we have identified," he said.

That arsenal left crowds of people scrambling...and as quickly as they gathered, they were gone.

Investigators say there were at least 40 shots fired that day. They found shell casings everywhere.

The sheriff's office has done its part and has forwarded the case to the DA's office for prosecution.

This is not the first time the sheriff's office has released video featuring gang members.

Last September, investigators confirmed that a DVD promoting some Augusta rappers showed members of the O-Dubs, Cherry Tree Crossing and Sunset gangs.

In some scenes, members were waving weapons similar to those in the gas station video.