News 12 This Morning Local Update - December 7, 2006

Early morning shootings

One person is recovering after being shot multiple times this morning.

Dispatchers say the man showed up at University Hospital just before 6 o'clock.

Earlier this morning in Aiken County, gunfire was reported off of Melody Lane. That happened around 4:30.

No word yet on whether these two incidents are related.

July gas station shootout caught on tape

Only on 12: Shell gas station surveillance video reveals exactly what happened back in July that left one woman shot.

An 18-year-old female was shot and injured at the Shell gas station on Tobacco Road.

On the tape, you can see dozens of people gathered outside the gas station, then a man ducks as the first shot is fired.

Investigators say this shootout was between two gangs.

"I would say that that is a problem," said Lt. Scott Peebles of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. "And it certainly was gang-related, based on admissions that the suspects themselves made."

Seven arrests were made as a result of the shootout, and more than 40 shell casings were found at the gas station.

Just last September, Richmond County sheriff's investigators confirmed that a DVD promoting some Augusta rappers showed members of the O-Dubs, Cherry Tree Crossing and Sunset gangs.

In some scenes, members were waving weapons similar to those seen in the gas station surveillance video.

Warren County deputy out on bond

A Warren County deputy accused of sexually assaulting an inmate bonds out of jail.

According to an affidavit, the female inmate says on the way to the McDuffie County Jail, Deputy Dewayne Wood pulled into a wooded area off East Warrenton Highway, where the two had sex.

GBI agents later found pornographic photos, condoms, Viagra, and other medications inside the deputy's vehicle.

The female inmate was given a polygraph test, and GBI investigators say it appears she's telling the truth.

Deputy Wood refused to take one.

Escaped prisoner recaptured

In Aiken, a prisoner is back behind bars after escaping from work detail.

Ronnie Gunnels was caught in Athens Wednesday morning.

He was serving a prison sentence at the Savannah Pre-Release Center for larceny when he walked away from a job site on Monday.

Columbia County men arrested in Louisiana

Two Columbia County men are charged with attempting to kill an officer in Louisiana.

It all happened Wednesday morning when officers pulled 22-year-old Daniel Rhodes over for driving a stolen truck.

Shortly after that, 18-year-old Robert Power drove by and opened fire with a shotgun on the two officers.

Hours later, Rhodes and Powers were arrested.

Planned Parenthood gives away free morning-after pills

Planned Parenthood says the morning-after pill, Emergency Contraceptive or EC, is a safe and effective method of birth control that can prevent a pregnancy after sex.

Wednesday, the center gave away boxes of EC.

Normally, Planned Parenthood offers the pills to women for about $30.

The pill does not work if you're pregnant and does not protect against STDs.

Some opponents disagree with women taking the pills. They say it's just another form of abortion.

New signal installed on Washington Road at Old Evans

At 3 p.m. today, a new traffic signal will be installed on Washington Road.

The signal will flash yellow for motorists traveling on Washington and red for motorists traveling on Old Evans Road.

The signal will be fully operational Tuesday at 10:30.

Paine College's first female president stepping down

Paine College's first female president is stepping down.

Dr. Shirley Lewis announced her retirement Wednesday.

She was appointed to the post in 1994.

The school says under Dr. Lewis, Paine College has seen accreditation for their teaching program, expansions and renovations, as well as higher graduation rates.

Dr. Lewis will leave at the end of the academic year, making 13 years of service.

Paine College says they'll start looking for a replacement in the spring.

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