News 12 obtains inmate's statement in Warren County deputy case

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December 6, 2006

An inmate says Deputy Dewayne Wood raped her as he was taking her back to jail in August.

Now, months later and after several Freedom of Information requests, News 12 has documents with statements from the accused and the accuser.

News that the GBI arrested Warren County Deputy Dewayne Wood stunned Warren County Sheriff Joe Peebles. For months, Sheriff Peebles told News 12 the initial GBI investigation did not show concrete evidence to prove the sexual allegations made against the deputy.

But he says further results were withheld from him after the case was turned over to District Attorney Danny Craig in Augusta.

What he told us he didn't know is all laid out in graphic detail in the inmate's affidavit.

According to the document, the inmate alleges Deputy Wood put her in the front passenger seat of a 2004 Ford Explorer without any handcuffs on.

She says while on their way to the McDuffie County Jail, Deputy Wood pulled cigarettes out of the center console and gave her one. That's when the inmate noticed prescription diet pills in the console and asked if she could have one.

The affidavit goes on to say Deputy Wood pulled into a wooded area off East Warrenton Highway, where the two had sex.

A GBI agent later found pornographic photos, condoms, Viagra and other medication inside the vehicle.

While Deputy Wood denies all the allegations, according to the affidavit ten minutes were unaccounted for when the deputy arrived at the McDuffie County Jail.

GBI agents did recover the cigarettes and diet pills from the inmate.

The affidavit also says the tire impressions recovered from the crime scene are the same size and type tire that are located on Deputy Wood's Ford Explorer.

Deputy Wood claims he left the courthouse with the inmate about five to seven minutes after the other deputies left. But the surveillance video from the McDuffie County Jail shows Deputy Wood arrived 20 minutes after the other Warren County deputies--leaving agents asking what happened to the other ten minutes.

GBI investigators gave the inmate a lie detector test, and say it appeared she's telling the truth.

Deputy Wood refused the test.

Here's the timeline of events so far.

August 10, nearly four months ago, is when the incident allegedly happened. That's when the GBI started its investigation and started testing evidence. The sheriff says there were three rounds of testing.

About a month later, in September, the third round came back. The GBI says those results gave them enough evidence for an arrest.

But that arrest didn't happen until yesterday, December 5.

The deputy had seven days of administrative leave, but has worked ever since.

Yesterday is the day he was arrested and also bonded out.

It's also the day he was fired.