Hasan, Cain out for last-minute campaigning

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December 5, 2006

Last month, neither A.K. Hasan nor Venus Cain received the majority vote for school board Super District 9.

The question remains which will win over voters in today's runoff: the good-humored grandmother or the prominent politician.

"The candidate that gets out and shows the public they are truly concerned about our community and kids...they will be the winner," says voter Ruby Dunbar.

Both candidates were out for some last-minute campaigning today.

A.K. Hasan is considered the front-runner, with five years of school board experience. He received 44% of the votes last month.

"The BOE is a policy and procedure governing board, and I understand policies and procedures," he told News 12. "I've had the opportunity to develop them as a member of the BOE, certainly as president of the BOE and as a member of city council."

Hasan faces a fearless opponent.

"At 50, you kind of get past intimidation," laughed logistics specialist Venus Cain.

A political newcomer, Cain's proud of her grassroots campaign. She says she's worked to secure the swing votes from what began as a four-person race.

"Between myself, Rev. Williams and Mrs. Wellington, that was like a 10,000 vote difference. So that told me there were 10,000 people out there that did not vote for him," she said.

That difference will impact both candidates at the polls.

Whoever wins the seat will be boarding a train of change. Among those changes will be a new school superintendent.

For A.K Hasan, that is some unfinished business.

We all remember it was Mr. Hasan who first criticized some terms in Dr. Larke's contract.

He says the school board owed it to the public to make sure Dr. Larke had a solid end date.

Now he'd like to help hire the next superintendent.