Superior court judge candidates' signs stolen

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December 5, 2006

It's been an aggressive campaign for both men in the race for superior court judge, one that has played out in the media and Augusta's street corners. The highly publicized competition heated up again just in time for today's big decision.

Both David Roper and Bill Williams tell News 12 several campaign signs were stolen overnight. Roper's campaign reports several hundred signs gone, and Williams says his campaign lost at least 60 overnight.

Now both men are talking to the sheriff's office, and they tell News 12 what they think about this campaign crime.

"Well, I would hope it was just teenagers, pranksters," Williams said. "I would hope it wouldn't be my opponent, wouldn't have anything to do with taking my signs down or stealing them. And I would certainly hope that he wouldn't think I would."

"Just some overzealous Williams supporter thinking it was a good thing to do, when obviously it was not a good thing to do," Roper said.

Neither David Roper nor Bill Williams let the crime dampen their campaign strategies for the day. Both men spent their day putting more signs up and standing on Augusta's busy street corners, waving and trying to push for some last minute votes.

The winner is still up in the air. In November Roper beat Williams by six percent of the vote, but with the race being down from four to just two candidates, we will have to wait and see if he still holds onto the lead.

David Roper's campaign filed a theft report with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office over the missing signs, saying it's not just a nuisance--the crime is also a big cost. At $4 apiece, the signs aren't cheap and can quickly add up to a loss of thousands of dollars. Roper's campaign committee says if the thief is caught, they will prosecute under the fullest extent of the law.